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Andy Mitchell


Imagine going into a community where there is little or no church presence, demonstrating Jesus’s love practically. Imagine getting to know people, showing they are loved, cared for and that they matter. Imagine a van full of hope and love which is demonstrated by the people who serve on it from local churches. Then imagine Hope in a Van. 

We are pleased to announce that we have received £10,000 from Just Sow for Hope in a Van. That means we are a third of the way towards purchasing the van, making adaptions and covering the initial costs to get it on the road. We now just need to raise a further £20,000.

Our aim


Is to equip a van to go out into our local community to build relationships, have a cuppa and chat, support people and to demonstrate Jesus's love in practical ways as we support each community. We want to purchase a 'welfare van' and adapt it to suit our needs. This is a real opportunity to be in areas where the church has little or no presence.


Potential day in the life of Hope in a Van

A team of 4 people drive to a local area on a regularly basis seeking opportunities to help people from that local community. It might be to have a chat, cuppa and some food together. It could be to refer that person to an organisation for support or encourage them to work through a particular struggle. Whatever we do it all starts with building a friendship and to listen to that person. This team of 4 people could be made up from different churches or specific teams sent by a local church.

How can I get involved?


Prayer is important for the project. If you would like to receive news about Hope in a Van's progress please drop us a message.

Express an interest to serve

The van is not on the road as yet, but if you or your church would like to serve on the van please contact us to express an interest.


Giving a donation towards the project will help us to get the van on the road and out into our communities. Donations can be made by using the donation button which will take you to Church Suite a secure platform we are using to enable people to donate online. Send us a message if you would like to give by chq, cash or bank transfer.


West Auckland Vineyard are holding the money for the project and supporting it. They have agreed to match-fund any donations we receive from now, up to £10,000. That means for every £1 donated West Auckland Vineyard will give £1.


Please get in contact if you would like Hope in a Van to talk to your organisation or church about the project and community.

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Get in Contact with Hope in a Van

Thank you. We will be in contact soon!

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