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Christmas Hampers

We are giving Christmas hampers just like we have in previous years to individuals and families that we have supported at The Well. A number of people have said they would like to donate to make up the hampers, but are not sure how to do this?

Firstly here is a list of items we are putting in the Christmas hampers. If you would like to make a donation and not sure what to give this should help.

1. Tinned Ham
2. Christmas Pudding
3. Christmas Cake
4. Mince Pies
5. Box of Biscuits
6. Children's Selection Box
7. Box of Chocolates
8. Large Bars of Chocolates
9. Savoury Snacks
10. Other Treats that you think might put a smile on someone's face

We won't be putting any alcoholic products in the hampers.

Then pop your donations over to The Well Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11-3.


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