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Life saving helicopter

On Saturday 30th January between 10am and 1pm we will be opening up The Well to raise money for the Great North Air Ambulance Service.

The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) brings pioneering pre-hospital care to the scene, rescuing hundreds of severely injured or ill patients every year. We are not NHS-funded.

They do amazing work for the North of England including County Durham. We want to say thank you for the hard work sometimes in very difficult situations and that is why we are opening The Well. We would love for you to support this event in anyway that you can. If you are unable to get down to The Well please feel free to make a donation via their website which is . You can also find out about the wonderful work that they do including the latest news about Jet Pack Paramedic.


For a chance to win a GNAS travel mug signed by the operational team and a Miles Pilot Bear the mascot for GNAS answer the following question...

In whole pounds, how much on average do you think it costs to call out the air ambulance?

You must pop into The Well by Saturday 30th July at 1pm to register your answer. Please feel free to make a donation. We are sorry but answers left on this post won't be submitted.

2nd Place prize is a box of biscuits to enjoy.


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