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We are recruiting...

Coffee and chat? That's exactly what happens in The Well...

West Auckland Vineyard Church are looking for the next The Well Cafe Manager to take on the baton from our current manager Andy. You will work with an amazing team of volunteers who serve West Auckland and beyond! Our customers and volunteers describe The Well as a place where you can watch the world go by over coffee or meet up with friends to enjoy their company or receive support through our food bank. Kindness and compassion are at the heart of the community at The Well

Could you be the next The Well Cafe Manager? The Role.

If you are interested in the role, but after reading feel put-off by what is required please still get in contact for an informal chat with our pastors Adrian or Linda.

The Well Café is a ministry of WACC (also known as West Auckland Vineyard Church) but it

occupies a unique position among our ministry and outreach in that it has its own property in

the heart of the community, sitting at the end of the only public car park in the village. It is a

‘home’ for other ministries such as a Foodbank, Community Greengrocers, Listening service

and the Well in the Community but the Café itself is also a ministry in its own right. The most

significant difference is that the Well Café is designed to generate a profit which funds and

sustains other ‘free to access’ community service and ministry. It is central to our

compassion ministry and community outreach. The Well Café Manager, along with our

Ministries Coordinator sit on the church leadership team and, together they are at the

forefront of our work in the village and wider area.

Hours: 15 hours per week, but this can be discussed.

Pay: To be discussed.

There is no closing date, but when the right person has been found no other applications will be considered.

This is a protected role and therefore we are looking for an active Christian.


Lead and manage the day-to-day operations and development of The Well Café to ensure it

can support and sustain those ministries that operate under the umbrella of the Well


Your typical duties and responsibilities shall be (but not restricted to):

● the well-being of all Well Cafe volunteers

● the sustaining and development of individuals and teams across all areas

● the smooth and profitable running of the Well Cafe and its day to day processes

● acting as a point of contact between the Well and the Church leadership

● taking account of and acting upon any ideas or concerns expressed by the


● providing information and reports to the leadership and to the Church

● working with team leaders to build a healthy and vibrant spiritual focus within the Well

and an open welcoming atmosphere.

● ensure there is appropriate access to all information and systems required for the

operation of The Well Café in the event of your absence for any reason.

● working with the Ministries Coordinator and particularly the Church leadership to

ensure that the Well continues to fulfil its purpose of being a bridge from the Church

into the community and vice versa.

● working closely with the ministries coordinator to ensure that the Café and other

ministries operating under The Well banner are supported, sustained and have

demonstrable community impact.

The Well Manager will, along with team leaders:

● encourage prayer at the beginning/end of each day (where appropriate)

● model an encouraging and positive culture and atmosphere

● ensure confidentiality and privacy are respected

● ensure that customers, clients and visitors are treated well, that none are neglected

and that opportunities for conversation and getting alongside customers are

paramount and that Jesus remains central to all we do.

Model and foster a team approach to the running of the Well by:

● holding regular team meetings and encouraging a team approach in all aspects of

the work of the Well

● creating and sustaining good relationships and acting as line manager for team

leaders and volunteers responsible for administration, catering, property, finance and

foodbank and Well ministries coordinator.

Having overall management responsibility for volunteers including:

● recruitment, interviewing and assessing suitability of new volunteers,

● explaining the ethos of the Well and the role of the volunteer

● spending time talking / praying (as appropriate) with individual new recruits after a

pre-agreed period and established volunteers at least once a year

Ensure that:

● all required processes are in place, current and that all volunteers are aware of them

● the rota is reviewed every 3 months (or as required by circumstances) to take

account of staff absences, holidays etc. and ensure there is sufficient cover each day.

● induction and basic skills training is provided to new volunteers and that regular

further ongoing training opportunities are available to all volunteers, particularly

including training which is legally required in respect of fire safety, health and

hygiene, health and safety, data protection, safeguarding and first aid.

● effective communication takes place with volunteers as a whole and with the trustees

and leadership teams.

● Together with the finance manager you will have responsibility for budgeting and the

use of the Well’s finances. You will be accountable for and monitoring of income and

expenditure and for providing financial reports to the leadership and the Church as a


● You will ensure that all policies, procedures and practices in relation to fire safety,

health and hygiene and health and safety, data protection and safeguarding are in

place, regularly reviewed, understood by all volunteers and included in training


Responsibility for the maintenance of the premises, equipment and stock:

● overseeing records to ensure that daily and weekly cleaning is maintained and

organise an annual spring clean to ensure the premises are kept clean in line with

health and hygiene requirements.

● working with the property manager to ensure that premises are maintained in good

order, including necessary maintenance, regular checks and servicing, refurbishment

and ad hoc repairs.

● having overall responsibility for maintaining stock and equipment

Liaison with agencies/outside bodies using the Well:

● working with the Well ministry coordinator to build relationships with other agencies

and outside bodies to promote the well-being of clients.

● responsibility for decisions on individuals and groups wishing to use the Well for

meetings and other activities.

Promotion of the Well ministry:

● jointly responsibility, alongside the Ministries Coordinator for Well publicity across all

channels and for notices and literature in the Well

● ensuring that all information and posters displayed in the Well are in keeping with the

ethos of the Well and our Christian presence in the village.


● Regular and open communication with the Line Manager responsible for the Well,

highlighting any problems with volunteers, customers, suppliers and anything that

needs to be brought to the attention of the leadership.

In the first instance please get in contact for an informal chat about the role with our pastors Adrian or Linda by using the contact form here.


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